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Our World at Big On Good is the official blog of Big On Good Solutions, an advanced engineering and design solutions consultancy that looks for answers to some of the most important questions that will shape better futures for all of us with specialities in process and product design, business strategy, quantitative analysis and operations

1. See the World

2. Imagine a better World for all of us

3. Work to create it!


About the Author

Bee Thakore is the founder of Big On Good Solutions.

“One of my dreams is to bridge the opportunity divide for young people to take part in interesting ideas exchanges, brainstorms and meet other people who have similar aspirations to make the world a better place. Maybe we cannot do it all in one lifetime, but combined we can definitely make a difference. I hope to share data and knowledge from the projects I embark on independently, events and conferences that I have the opportunity to go to, with everyone across the globe here. Please feel free to comment and pass the info on.”

Bee used to host her blog at http://www.sendbeetospace.blogspot.com before and is happy to have found a home here for Big On Good. 

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