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Where Problems meet Solutions

Today, as citizens of the world, we face numerous social, economic and environmental problems. Like millions of others around the world, we are looking for solutions to this with the vehicle of technology. In the near term, we are joining the dots by delivering bespoke engineering and design services harnessing the unique abilities of modular, swarm driven robotics, algorithms and looking at cutting edge cluster behaviours.


Some interesting applications we are brewing in our lab will soon help us find an answer for real-time tracking of pandemics (including malarial diseases), finding how to enhance safety of drug-delivery systems and how to reduce the cost of future Lunar and Mars Missions.


Big On Good also helps a number of non profits and commercial clients in a variety of fields to drive efficient operations and timely results without the associated back-office burden. We work collaboratively understanding and listening to Client needs to guarantee agile and robust solutions. Have a problem that we can help solve? Contact us!

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